Case Study: Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor Advertising Went From Closing Five to 85 Percent of Proposals

The Client

Digital Outdoor Advertising represents a network of over 70 independent billboard operators. The network reaches millions of people across the US and Canada every day. Now that independent billboard operators have joined forces in the Digital Outdoor Advertising network, the company helps them capture their share of the national media and marketing campaigns that target their respective regions. Digital Outdoor Advertising offers 790+ digital billboards in 79 markets and 680+ static billboards in 37 markets within the top 200 DMAs across the US and Canada.

The Challenge

The company was growing, and they needed a way to organize PDFs to be retrieved quickly so that they could respond to RFPs in a timely manner. Through discussion of this first challenge, the company decided that it would be necessary for them to access a software platform to help manage their business.

The Solution

We developed a system that can build proposals and after designating the markets for a proposal, the software will suggest Billboards that match the client's criteria. From here, the user can send an automated email from the system to each of the vendors that had Billboards in those markets to find availability during the dates of the campaign. Once the vendor receives the email, they can click a link that takes them to a Website that shows details about the proposal, has a list of billboards and allows the vendor to respond with availability and current asking price.

Then, the client can review the Billboards in the proposal and remove/add anything they feel will best fit their needs. Once this is completed, they can generate the proposal PDF, which includes a map of each market with pins denoting the locations of the Billboards as well as any client locations. The PDF also includes one sheets detailing each Billboard in the proposal.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, the client went from closing roughly five percent of their proposals to 85 percent. "Our business has grown over 85 percent since we have gone live with the software LPi Network developed," says Larry Clark, Founder and Partner. This has enabled them to grow their company from the initial 500 billboard inventory that they had to over 2,000 digital billboards. Additionally, they have been able to take on other advertising mediums, such as static billboards, bus wraps and more.